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About Crisp & Clean

"The idea was discussed over a haircut and the rest followed chop chop!"


Primary Objective:

Our primary objective with Crisp and Clean is to become the most relevant and successful Door-to-door Dry Cleaning Group in the country and to focus our collective capability on the massive demand for convenience Dry Cleaning and Laundry services which exist in every town and suburb.

The directors drive, current franchise business & commitment to business ethics will be used to propel Crisp and Clean to rapidly become the most welll-recognised and respected mobile Laundry brand in the industry.

No doubt, we will see many attempts to replicate the business model but the keys to success are subtle and lie not in the physical capability to collect dry cleaning and laundry - this is the easy part – but in the ability to manage an error free back-end process which is simple and
highly productive. This is the hard part and relies on the capability to develop and continuously improve the back-end software system to drive the whole process.

The other key in the process is a "factory" which has massive capacity, competitive pricing, a national footprint and unquestionable quality standards.

That is why Crisp and Clean has aligned themselves with Certain Laundry Groups to facilitate and achieve the highest quality laundry cleaning service for the residential & commercial customer in South Africa.

The Directors:

Mark Willoughby – Director
Mark who is a Geologist by profession had a long corporate career in a number of major corporations including Air Products and the Tongaat Hulett Group, working his way through the ranks from sales rep to Marketing and Sales Director.

Ashley Lotriet – Director
Ashley has 8 years of retail experience and has owned and operated 3 different businesses since. He is a true Entrepeneur by heart running barber shops, Supplements shops and one of them being the Dry Cleaning and laundry business.